Volume 3 (2012)

 Note from the Editor, Table of Contents, About the Authors

Concubines, Butches, and Femmes: The Historical Regulation of Female Sexuality
by Florence Chan

Beyond the Male Gaze: A Third-­‐Wave Case Study in Candida Royalle’s Pornography
by Jennifer Sider

Slutwalk NYC: A spatial analysis of the racialized and gendered implications of a racist sign at a feminist movement
by Zenee Maceda

Why Domestic Work is a Feminist Issue
by Elizabeth Wong

Intersectionalities of Embodied Identities and the Black Woman Aesthetic
by Christiana Collision

Constructing Meanings and Recounting Lives: The Personal and Political Impacts of HIV/AIDS Narratives
by Matthew Clifford-Rashotte

Masculinity and Trauma in ‘De Niro’s Game’
by Mathura Karunanithy

I am more
by Elizabeth Wong

Suicide or ‘Revolutionary’ Sacrifice?: Complicating the Deaths at Jonestown
by Heather Moore

The Skin I Live Against: Reflections on ‘La piel que habito’
by Fan Wu


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